Scott Berwick

  • Scott Berwick, Quarry Ramp, 2013
  • Scott Berwick, Cole Skye, Ani Rice and Hogan Gilbert, 2013
  • Scott Berwick, John Deere Tractor, 2013
  • Scott Berwick, Border #4, 2013
  • Scott Berwick, Kahnawake Satellite Image, 2012

En résidence | In residency : 09.2014
Présentation publique | Public talk : 08.10.2014


Based in the Greater Montreal Area, Scott Berwick uses photography to study his interest in our society’s use of lines and the people and places around them. Currently, he has two main projects: one being The Kahnawake Project, where he is exploring the modern Native living within one of the wealthiest reservations within Canada, and another titled Rail Routes, where he travels by train photographing the moving landscape.

Scott has shown his work at the Kahnawake Cultural Center during a group show in relation to the Idle No More movement in the summer of 2013 and has had his first solo exhibition at Gallery Z Art Space in Montreal for his Rail Routes project in October 2013.

I am a spectator with a camera. When I wander by train or by foot, I am absorbing information of new places and new experiences with new people. Capturing undisturbed moments from a moving train is an interesting way to study the current state of the world. Wandering by foot through a specific location producing images is a much more intimate face to face encounter with a subject.

The theme of lines, imaginary or physically, are often present in projects of mine. With the people and landscapes that are part of my work, I realize that it’s hard not to recognize the impact of lines and how they can connect humans, like the railways do, but also how they can separate them, the way borders do.

I use photography methods old and new, depending on the project. LargeFormat photography is interesting to practice while dealing with people because of it’s classical values and of the slower process. It is a great way start a new interaction with a new person. Digital photography, while traveling through countries, allows me to take thousands of photographs with instant results.

Kahnawake is one of the eight territories that are part of the Kanien:keha’ka nation. Located north east to the city of Chateauguay, where I have been living my whole life, Kahnawake has always been physically present in my life but my interest only began when I started working within the borders of the reservation. Up until my first real connection with the people of the community, my understanding of them was influenced by stereotypes and rumors. However today, those preconceptions are breaking down thanks to personal discussions, shared stories and socializing with new friends from Kahnawake.

Over the last three summers this project has been an adventure to discover the modern native using documentarystyle photography, text and simple discourse. As an outsider I hope to expand my knowledge on the subject and to communicate it through text, portraiture and landscape photography.

With all new material shot over the summer of 2014 waiting to be scanned and printed, the residency at Le Cabinet will help produce two upcoming shows in October and November 2014, a first draft of a book and revamp the projects website.