Lise Latreille

  • Lise Latreille, Snake
  • Lise Latreille, Hole

En résidence | In residency : 04.2014
Public talk | Les Consultations : 04.24.2014


Lise Latreille is a visual artist who was born in Shawville, Quebec in 1984. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in photography at Concordia University in Montreal, in 2011, and will begin a Master’s at the same institution in 2014. She has exhibited in Canada and Sweden. She lives and works in Montreal.

I am a photographer whose work addresses themes of memory, personal geography and autobiography. My work is an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between one’s surroundings and psychological state- the way in which each informs the other, and creates memories, pathos, or nostalgia. I try to achieve this by intuitively blending aspects of the beautiful with the abject, and familiar, banal documentary scenes with elements of storytelling and myth making. Inspired by literary fiction, I use symbols (objects, environments, landscapes) to reflect internal states. Through sequencing and editing, I craft an atmosphere that blends fact and fiction, often mythologizing or romanticizing everyday life.

It was at the beginning of my undergraduate degree nearly a decade ago that I began producing work in my hometown of Shawville, Quebec. The latest installment is entitled New Partner, a reference to my mother’s recent marriage, which I used as a jumping off point to start a new series dealing with family relationships, new beginnings, and major life events within a familiar landscape. The work is a document of a specific place, but it is also about the state of rural life in general, and a desire to add to the canon of visual literature on hometown, family, and Canadian landscape. I try to show an emotional reality, yet also play with popular conceptions and stereotypes of what it means to live in a remote area. Fleshy tones add a naturalistic feel, and are juxtaposed with more saturated, sunny colours that recall 1970s American colour photography. This project is being produced with the support of CALQ.

I plan to present an overview of my photographic work about rural life, memory, and personal history, with an emphasis on the new series that I began last summer and that I have been developing at le Cabinet. Perhaps we can discuss the intersection of fiction and documentary.