Jinyoung Kim


Jinyoung Kim uses her personal history of immigration as a springboard to create her projects. Using photography and video as her mediums, her work renders personal narratives into a poetic vision that forms symbolic and metaphoric visual condensations. Her images and video resonates with everyday experiences, imbuing them with meaningful contexts.


For the work in progress presentation at Le Cabinet, Jinyoung will be presenting her current project that is in its production stage. This current project investigates psychological experiences that are invested in the idea of “homeland.” Tracing back to one’s personal origin, as a person who is away, one finds disconnection and accumulation of absence in the place that is called “homeland.” Immersing herself in the tension between the two contradictory position of being at home as a visitor, the project narrates the ambience of loss and longing for renewed connection with the place.


Jinyoung Kim is an emerging artist who was born in South Korea, and immigrated to Canada with her family in 1998. She graduated from OCAD University in Toronto and currently pursuing her MFA at Concordia University in Montreal. She has exhibited her work in Toronto and Montreal, most recently at Leonard Bina and Ellen Art Gallery and Gelerie Lilian Rodriguez. She now lives and works in Montreal.