Flavia Majlis

  • Flavia Majlis, Extrême solitude
Public talk | Les Consultations : 02.28.2014


Flavia Majlis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in Brazil and in Italy, and finally established herself in Montreal. She has a solid background in Computer Science and is currently also dedicated to her career in the arts and to the artistic community in Montreal. Her concern as an artist focuses on issues related to essential human conditions as sexuality, fertility, the complexity of motherhood, the transformations of the body and the psyche during specific stages and significant events in life. She is now member of the board of directors and co-founder of le Cabinet.

In my artistic practice, through photography and video, I explore issues related to the human condition, focusing on sexuality, the complexity of motherhood, the vulnerability of childhood and the physical and emotional transformations that take place during specific stages and significant events in life.

During my practice I have often dealt with issues related to birth, childhood, adolescence and fundamental issues particular to adulthood, such as love and separation. I am interested in creating visual narratives, frequently autobiographical, using imagery that reflects personal, intimate experiences.

In my research and artistic production, using photography and video, I more recently explore the psychological consequences, ethic issues and artistic value in the case of a practice of the artist-parent, which is how I often position myself. The notions of spectator, subject and artist, blend into each other, creating new forms of artistic tension. I introduced video as a tool to adding words to accompany the images, but the video work remains photographic in its base: I use still, minimalistic and juxtaposed channels to transform my video work into a sort of installation of talking photographs. Often, a metaphorical image is positioned with a documentary one, elaborating on the factual through a more poetic reading.

For the Consultation at le Cabinet I intend to introduce the body of work that I have produced in the role of a parent-artist, and discuss the motivations and encountered issues of this kind of artistic practice.