Aislinn Leggett

  • Aislinn Leggett, Blue Wool

Public talk | Les Consultations : 04.24.2014


Aislinn Leggett was born in Namur, Quebec, Canada. Working both with traditional photography and photo-composites, her work explores memory through objects and archives.

Aislinn has exhibited in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2011 she was published in Front Line: Interviews with International Contemporary Photo-based Artists by Beijing Modern Press. She participated in the Noorderlicht Photofestival in the Netherlands in 2012. She is presently preparing for her solo exhibit. titled Gathered, in May at Gallery d’Este and for a group show at Musée contemporain des Laurentides. Aislinn currently lives and works in Montreal.

My work is shaped by the intersection of family history and the concept of archiving. I explore these issues through the mediums of traditional and digital photography, through fiber arts and installation.

With my current work, Gathered, 2014, I manually deconstruct or unravel discarded family garments, referencing the idea of the home, the body and inter-dependencies within the family through photographic installations as well as physical installations.
I’m interested in the ancestral inheritance, not simply by owning the object, but instead using the object or garment as a reflection on past family history, stories and relationships. Through my work I question what stories, objects and landscapes we choose to preserve, as well as how melancholic or nostalgic memories might be discarded or re-imagined. Our ability to re-visit a time through discarded possessions can act as an unspoken remembering, a possible preparation or groundwork, for significant moments to come.

For the Consultations, I will be showing new work from my series Matière noire, 2013 and Gathered, 2014. I will also be talking about how my work is inspired by family, memories, the aspect of time and how all these culminate in a sort of archival process in my work.